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The combo tries to combine realism and fantasy.

Common Dyes:

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Uncommon Dyes:

Exclusive Dyes:

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  • I love this! I wish I could see her closer up, though.

    • Very ininsertteg. Seems like a wonderful thing that you do that allows you to live in Italia! Complimenti! Not quite sure how your job works though. How do your assignments get picked? Are you assigned them or do you apply for them? Where in Calabria are you headed? In bocca al lupo!Melissa Muldoon´s last post ..

  • When measuring Amy Chua's &qbtl;uriloiance," one useful calibration point is Ron Unz — also a contemporary of Chua at Harvard, who I also knew in passing. Ron was Phi Beta Kappa, too, but won a Churchill Fellowship after pursuing a double major in Physics and the Classics. Moreover, he did original publishable work in both fields before getting his BA! Having read his pitiful attempt to "prove" that Hispanics have the same crime rate as whites, I'm convinced that Unz uses whatever intelligence he possesses in the pursuit of stupid ends.

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