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As may be obvious, it’s a very simple design Midnight Fire I’ve found usually produces a darker black than abyss, which gives the cloth regions very cool appearance, It’s then trimmed with white which is a very nice contrast (regardless of how overused it is) and just to add further detail, the metal/metallic pieces are given a golden hue with illumination, which gives it the best sheen I could find.

Things I would like to change:
Pants: Needs more detail around the back to fill with gold.
Gloves: OMFG I hate frilly shit, but otherwise good looking gloves just want less frill.
Boots: Needs more detail, while maintaining that metallic/armored appearance.

Colour’s are listed top-to-bottem and left-to-right (like reading a book)

Helm: Seer’s Mask
Celestial, Illumination, Abyss

Shoulders: Magician Mantle
Midnight Fire, Celestial, Illumination

Body: Seer’s Coat
Midnight Fire, Illumination, Celestial

Gloves: Illustious wristguards
Midnight Fire, Celestial, Celestial, Illumination

Leggings: Apostle Leggings
Midnight Fire, Celestial, Illumination

Boots: Inquest Shoes
Celestial, Midnight Fire

Back: Shattered Dragon Wings

Rare Dyes:

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Armor Type:





  • Hi! I love it, i couldn’t tell what most of the pieces were because you mixed them well! For the boot, the Glorious could be really awesome! :) They’re knightly, but more detailed. I find the wings unnecessary though >.<

    • I’ve actually looked at glorious, but I found it:
      1. too monotone and…
      2. The Hues are always offset and it annoys me
      I’ve been playing around with a few other ideas like Priory pants w/ flamekissed boots I like the style, but it puts colours where I really don’t want them (eg. the hips on priory) I would like them to add colour channels to a few pieces.

      Also… Wings are just something I love, helps distinguish me totally irrelevant given how many people have them, but they’re surprisingly rare.

  • Trop bonne idée!!! Mais je laisse ma place aux amoureux qui sont proches de chez toi! Mais je remets qd meme ton blog pa803ut&#r2ot; lol!Gros bisous ma photographe préférée!

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