The Lotus Inquisitor

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This Colour Combo, is my Guild Colours but I loved it so much with this armour set that I thought i would share it.

Colours used – Black, Ancient Silver, Enameled Reign, and Turquoise
[Colors will be give per piece labelled left to right]

Headgear – None (I use Magnus’s Right Eye Patch)
Shoulders – Gladiator Pauldrons/ (Top) Black (Bottom) Ancient Silver, Enameled Reign
Chest -Carapice Breastplate (Top) Black, Enameled Reign (Bottom) Ancient Silver, Turquoise
Gloves – Claws of Koda (Top) Black (Bottom) Ancient Silver
Leggings – Carapice Tassets (Top) Enameled Reign, Black (Bottom) Ancient Silver, Turquoise
Boots – Paws of Koda (Top) Black (Bottom) Enameled Reign, Ancient Silver

All Races can wear this, just be warned it may not look as nice on other races as it looks on my Norn

Hope you enjoy this colour combo as much as I do

Rare Dyes:

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Exclusive Dyes:

Armor Type:





  • My guild’s fearless leader.

  • Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend fiiugrng this one out!

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