Royal Inventioneer

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My first Guild Wars 2 character, Skarrah Frostpelt. Female Charr are quite difficult to fit with armor due to clipping and “hovering” issues, particularly with shoulderpads on skinny chestpieces, but to be honest this would be my combo anyway. It’s now just Skarrah’s look – ornate but tough, and regal enough to be part of the royal elite. Plus I’ve never seen a female Charr wear Ascended medium armor.
Abyss was used as a base colour (because of course) though Chocolate and Midnight Fire dyes also work okay. A combination of reds were also used to match shading between armor parts, and silver/gold shades for detailing and metal clasps.

Head: Panscopic Monocle (Engineer starter gear)
Shoulders: Illustrious Shoulderguard
Chest: Illustrious Guise
Gloves: Ascalonian Sentry Gloves
Legs: Krytan Leggings
Boots: Tracks of Koda

Weapon: Lovestruck Pistols (skinned over twin Ruinmakers)

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