Nightmare Court Sylvari

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Ever wanted to be part of the Nightmare Court? Well, here is your big chance! Armor and dye combo as well as the Sylvari look that matches with Nightmare Court Sylvari that you can find in Briarthorn Den in Caledon Forest.
The armor set is all Evergreen, the tier 1 cultural medium armor set for Sylvari.

Head: Hidden or your choice.

Shoulders: Evergreen Shoulderguards
Dye: Olive Shade, Adobe Sunset, Midnight Red

Chest: Evergreen Coat
Dye: Olive Shade, Midnight Fuchsia, Ruby

Gloves: Evergreen Gloves
Dye: Olive Shade, Dye Remover*

Leggings: Evergreen Leggings
Dye: Olive Shade, Midnight Fuchsia, Mushroom

Boots: Evergreen Boots
Dye: Iron, Olive Shade, Ruby

* = Dye Remover is the default color on a piece of armor.

How to get the Sylvari look:

Body / Physique: First row, fifth body
Skin color: Driftwood
Skin pattern: None
Glow color: River / Riverlet / Seafoam (Depends how intense you want the color and glow to be)
Hair style: Third row, first hair style (Pony tail)
Hair color: Fern
Face type: First row, first face
Ears: First row, first ears
Eye color: Black

Face details are all up to you.


Common Dyes:

, , ,

Uncommon Dyes:


Rare Dyes:

Armor Type:




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