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One of my favorite looks that I have used on and off. My favorite part of this ensemble is the backless dress that is made from the combination of the Masquerade chest piece and the Carapace leggings. The two armor pieces flow together from back to front beautifully. The Heritage shoulders, Feathered gloves/boots and sophisticated Reading glasses help pull the look together. This armor combination can be worn in nearly any complimenting set of dyes, I went with Shadow Abyss and Glint’s Isolation to provide a neutral base to avoid clashing with my weapon set.

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  • Anyway to replace those shoulders?

  • Yup, I just liked how puffy they were. :p

  • Sabella,

    I’ve been trying to make a female brunette for a while now, and when I did a search on the internet I came across this one, and I can say nothing short of “wow”. I would love to recreate this characters face. Is there anyway I can find out the customization choices and slider positions you used to make such a stunning character?

  • This is surprisingly well matched. Would be nice with a 2 tone dye as a replacement for black.

  • Wow, you did a good job on this one.
    I wonder, why can’t I find that hair style in the game anymore?
    Tried checking both the “premium” hair styles and the normal one’s but not found it.

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