Enameled Vine

Enameled Vine

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The armor consists of Earmuffs, Warden Shoulderguards, Warden Coat, Heavenly Bracers from the Hall of Monuments, Oaken Leggins and Oaken Boots.
I wanted my char to actually look like her armor was part of her, the copper and sunset dyes are a great contrast to the green-blue of her skin, hair and armor. I added just a little bit turquoise to accentuate part of her leg armor

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  • Which part use Enameled Sky dye & Starry Night dye

  • What would be a good replacement for the bracers ? And what dyes are used where ?

  • hey, sorry this took so long ^^ these are my dye slots:

    As for barcers, i’d say Draconic Gauntlets fit pretty good with the rest, alternaticely try out oaken gloves or the nightmare court ones. Toxic Gauntlets fit really well with the armor, but have a green glow, so you might want use different colors for them to fit perfectly :)

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