Creature of winter peach blossoms

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My main character: Rosïña (Sylvari Chronomancer)
Description: my favourite colours are the combination of pink and blue together. I liked the combination of Ad Infinitum with the hairstyle, continued with the back of my Luminescent Pants which looks like a tail. For this reason i made the ‘tail’ the same colour as the hair and the ‘wings’. My aim was to make the the chest and leg armor look like it was part of her body, but instead it looks more like a dress made out of a petal and I was totally fine with that as well. I dyed both the strings from the Nightmare Court Robe with the cloth on her hip from the Luminescent Pants purple, so it looks like it’s something that belongs together and make the cloth look less like a cloth. The dots on her arms from the Nightmare Court Robe and the spiky ends of Ad Infinitum are shining bright which reminded of the shining Chaos Gloves. Because of the same brightness and the white from Chaos Gloves I choose to use the Winter’s Presence skin. As for the boots I choose Orchid Boots since they don’t cover her feet and Sylvari has also cute paws (still need to find a good dye for Orchid Boots). The paws reminded me of an animal and so Furrocious Cat Ears was my choice to use as head armor. Besides that I also made the ‘real ears’ from my Sylvari not look like ears, but as a part of her hairstyle.
Also I like expensive skins.
Head: Furrocious Cat Ears
Shoulder: Winter’s Presence
Chest: Nightmare Court Robe
Hand: Chaos Gloves
Leg: Luminescent Pants
Foot: Orchid Boots
Back: Ad Infinitum

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